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Water is well-known to be the universal solvent. There is no mineral that won’t dissolve in water. It is so important that even our bodies are made of about 55 to 78 percent water, depending on body weight. At present, pure water is converted into over ten types of drinking water available today; but in this article, we will focus on the five most popular forms.


1.    Distilled water is cleansed water. It is water that had most of its impurities removed through the process of boiling then condensing the steam into another container. The condensed steam is used while the fluid left inside the old container is used for industrial purposes.

2.    Water that has undergone the process of reverse osmosis involves a more difficult and lengthy process. Work is done on a microscopic level wherein pressure is applied to remove large molecules and icons from salt water. Reverse osmosis is commonly used to convert sea water into potable water.

3.    Flavored water is pure water with added sweeteners. The sweeteners can be the natural or artificial flavors of herbs; and sometimes with the addition of vitamins and minerals from added fruit extracts. Compared to non-diet soft drinks, flavored water has fewer calories.

4.    Mineral water is water containing minerals giving it a therapeutic value. Mineral water is usually taken directly from a flowing water source; for instance, a mineral spring. Although it still goes through a “cleaning” process, it still retains most of its naturally-occurring elements.

5.    The newest addition to the types of drinking water is called alkaline. Alkaline water is ionized water. It usually has a pH balance of eight or more, making neither acidic nor neutral. Though relatively new, many believe that alkaline water has therapeutic tendencies because it helps neutralize the chemicals in the body. Official scientific reports, however, say that tests results are still inconclusive.


Different kinds of water have minute differences in taste. So if you are used to, say, mineral water and you shift to alkaline water, then there will be some adjustments to do. The point remains that whatever type of water it is, as long as it’s drinkable, it helps fight the aging effects of dehydration.


On a special note, younger-looking skin is well-moisturized skin brought about by the right and regular pure water intake and proper skin care. There are many different products on the market that deliver hydration, rejuvenation and nutrition to your skin. Very good high quality anti-aging and nourishing products are from Cindy Crawford’s line that was developed for all types of aging skin. These products have very unique list of ingredients and promise very good results in fight against wrinkles.

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